Iris smart switch

Does anyone know if this work with smartthings hub. Iris wi-fi smart switch model #IRIS-WSP1PA-LW (picture att) 15614073129007686522475967126932|375x500

It does not

Thanks. What are good one to us and good price?

Also are there any Iris plugs that do work?

The Iris zigbee plugs work with smartthings. This link lists one, but the older zigbee/z-wave combo outlet also works

SmartThings just released a wifi plug that is $18 that may interest you, too.

Good one depends on what you need it to do. Iris 3rd gen Zigbee smart switch is awesome, has all the features you expect, and at the prices they are selling for on Ebay must be made of pure gold.

The Ikea Tradfri Wireless Control Outlet is a very inexpensive ($10.00 each) Zigbee smart plug that works with SmartThings without any real fuss, turns power on, turns it off, and provides a Zigbee repeater. It has a drawback of being oversized in the outlet, so it hogs up a whole wallplate. I use mine on surge supressor strips and space them apart…

Honestly if I could have found the Iris smart plugs for a reasonable price I would have gone that way instead…