Replacement Smart Plugs for Iris

I have been using the Lowe’s Iris Smart Plugs that have both zigbee and Zwave radios. I love them but they are discontinued.

What alternative (lower cost) would you all recommend. I need about 3 more in my house.

These are usually used for remote resetting devices like cameras and streaming boxes as well a media items like sub woofer through Webcore.

I’m not aware of any other nonhub mass-market devices which are both a zigbee and a Z wave repeater if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you like them, you can still get them.

I bought a set of 5 and they came in perfect condition. The seller accepts “best off” bids too.

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Did you pay $50?

For 5 of them? Yeah. I offered 50 when they were priced at $55. When you consider that ST zigbee outlets are $40, that’s a steal.

But you should be aware, not all of these Iris outlets are good Z-wave repeaters as well. There are two version of the firmware for these. I have 9 of them. 4 of them (all from the lot of 5) make great z-wave repeaters. The other 5 pair on the z-wave side but any test of them receiving/sending data and z-wave repeats show that they don’t work. I tried to update on in ST but I think you needed to update them with an Iris hub before they shut down.

I have like 5 z-wave devices, only one is battery powered, all the rest are zigbee. So, that’s why I bought them.

And after taking a closer look at the listing…the guy has sold over 430 lots of them! That’s over 2,000 outlets! I wonder where he got them all? Could they all have been returns that Lowes was holding onto for all this time? That seems like an awfully lot of outlets. LOL

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I don’t have the lowes hub but didn’t they brick it like Revolv when that shut down?

Yes, you can’t use the Iris hub anymore…that’s kinda my point. I don’t know how you would get the new firmware onto your plugs at this point. If you are looking for z-wave repeaters, you got a 50/50 shot of these working is what I’m saying. But there are no other devices out there that do both protocols. This was the only one.

Got it. At least the zigbee works. I have enough zwave so it isn’t an issue.

How did you do your tests?

The other 5 pair on the z-wave side but any test of them receiving/sending data and z-wave repeats show that they don’t work.

There’s a driver/DTH that sends Z-wave packets to the device and then waits for them to return. Also, you can tell by doing a z-wave repair whether it is still “there” according to the logs.

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Looks like this guys is a pro ebayer based upon what he has in his eBay store --> “We are an online retailer of commercial and consumer products at outstanding prices.”. I’ve seen his store before when looking for HA stuff. He has a lot of stuff from Iris, including other sensors from Iris. I wouldn’t be surprised if he attends closeout auctions/buyouts for stuff like this.

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Can you link me to the one you are referring to. I’d like to see which of mine are repeating.

Do the Iris ones do power metering as well?

Yes they do

You’ll have to do a search on the forum here for it…I don’t have it anymore.

I’ve bought several sets of Iris sensors from his before and they came in good shape. Just be careful if you get the contact sensors. I believe his listing says they don’t include the magnets.

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Got the plugs. Zwave isn’t pairing trying to figure out why.

Re-publish any custom device handlers you have, exclude and re-pair

Very likely. Lowes sent all of their reclaimed devices to a recycler. It’s possible their agreement did not require them to destroy the hardware.

Technically you can. The Arcus code has been posted as have root passwords. There is a very small group of people who have Arcus up and running.

Same. The seller is legit.

I did that but the zwave repeater gets added and then shows as either unknown or offline.