zigbee/Z wave pet feeder (2022)

There are several older topics on this with broken links, but I was wondering if A) someone had found a ST compatible pet feeder (cat) that will be supported with Edge drivers B) it ideally uses ZigBee/ Zwave C) is line or USB powered?

First caveat: only use this for convenience, not in a situation where your cat’s health/life will be endangered if it doesn’t work as expected. :smile_cat:

Ok, that said, people have been using the Super Feeder brand devices to do this for years with many different home automation systems. These are designed to plug in and, unlike most models, they will dispense when power is restored. So you just plug them into your smart plug of choice and you’re all set. (It should work fine with any standard on/off smart plug. It will not work with a dimmer model. It requires two minutes of “off time” in each cycle to reset, so if you toggle it too quickly while testing it will look like it’s not working, but it should be fine in normal use.)

They have several different models with different accessories, even an outdoor model.

You may be able to find them at a lower cost at a Walmart or feed store, they’ve been around for years. US brand.

Expensive, but a fast, easy, and reliable solution for this use case. And very durable parts.

Manufacturer website with examples.

Note: the base model does require some assembly. If you want a fully assembled model, the manufacturer site does offer that at a higher cost:

They have other add on options, too, like a stainless steel bowl instead of a plastic one, a larger bin to hold more food, etc. Don’t spend more for fancier timers, though, you’ll be managing that functionality through the smart plug.

Thanks- I like this approach.

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