Migrate from ST to what platform? (Zigbee + UK zwave)

Hi all,

I have a ST (Hub v2.0) setup comprising of:

12 ST multi sensors
2 ST motion sensors
1 ST outlet
1 ST key fob
1 ST water sensor
1 Aeon Siren (gen 5)
1 Fibaro smoke detector

Obviously my system is mostly Zigbee based.

My question is: Assumming i want to move to another platform, what are my options?

Am I trapped because of the Zigbee protocol? (Please say no…)

BTW, all ST multi sensors, as well as the siren are local devices. So far I have never had stability problems with these.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Vera has a new controller coming with zigbee but I’m not sure how compatible the ST sensors will be. It isn’t going to be out until February. Otherwise, there may be some software-based programs you can run on your computer. Not positive.

This looks like bad news…

What software are you talking about?


Dare I say it but there’s Wink Hub…

There is the Staples Connect hub?

Am I correct in assuming you’re in the U.K.? I didn’t think the Fibaro smoke sensor was available in the US.

If it is the UK, the options are different. I would probably look at zipato. I agree the Vera Plus is worth considering if it actually ships in February as scheduled. But there’s no telling what features it will actually have until it ships.

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A friend that used to use ST switched to that.

If you have strong technical skills and live in the US, homeseer is certainly worth considering for zwave implementations. No zigbee support, though. So I wouldn’t think it meets the OP’s requirements.

Good morning,

My system is UK version but I am resided in Greece.

I am okay with ST for the time being but having read all these unnerving comments about stability I would love to have an alternative that utilizes my Zigbee devices.

Just checked Zipato out and I must say they seem to have one very powerful proposition!

Thank you all for the feedback.

Every system has pluses and minuses, and zipato is no exception. It offers add-ons (at additional cost) for many different protocols, which is good.

But it has not added integration for many popular third-party proprietary systems including harmony, Phillips hue, Sonos, Nest, etc. I don’t know if this is because the company is based in Croatia, or it’s just their philosophy, but it’s definitely different than how most American or German-based home automation systems are developed. (I know they have the Phillips Hue logo on their website, but I don’t think there’s any working integration. )

Everything does run locally once it’s been downloaded and synched, a good thing. But it can take a while to get used to the fact that you are, for example, creating your rules in your cloud account, and then you have to wait for those rules to get downloaded and your devices to get updated. It all makes sense once you get used to it, but judging from forum posts a lot of new customers take a while to figure out how this works, and think that things are broken when they’re just not synched yet.

There are the usual complaints that new releases have bugs and promised features don’t always get delivered. I think that’s True of most systems right now.

Their rules engine is fairly complex and requires that you be able to follow a flow chart and set up your own rules using that kind of logic.

Their forums are pretty active so I would ask any specific questions there. All in all there will be some features that are better than SmartThings, and some features that are worse. It’s just going to depend on the specific mix of things that you need, and your own priorities, as to which is a better fit.

The fact that everything runs locally is a huge plus, I dare say.
Although so far I have had no problems with ST, my primary use for the system is security.

Regarding Hue integration, I have found this.

Do you think that their system would play nice with my ST zigbee devices?

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I’m using Staples Connect. It has its issues and I can confirm that no ST branded sensors will pair unfortunately.

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Good to know, thank you!

I believe that referred to integration with the previous Hue bridge. Philips changed their API a few months ago, and from what I read in the Zipato forums, there’s no working integration for the newest version. But perhaps I missed something.

I would ask in their forums about compatibility with specific devices.