Pet Feeders?

Hi everyone,

Have there been any recent updates with pet feeders? I’d like to be able to feed my cats using the smartthings app when I’m not home. I’ve done some searching in the forums and didn’t find much.


It’s in the project section. Here’s the link:

Yup saw that. Looks a bit complicated for me. I might give it a go though.

@nextrev its actually pretty easy. I’d be happy to help with any questions you have.

Thanks. I guess the first step is where the best place is to buy all the supplies?

@nextrev you’ll need an arduino uno or uno clone. A SmartThing Shield, an Arduino Motor Shield, and the actual pet feeder.

SmartThings shield:

Arduino Uno:

Arduino Motor Shield:

Pet Feeder:

Thank you for the links.

Finally received all parts and I’m up and running. Thanks for the help. You were right, it wasn’t that hard.

Now that I’ve set this up, does that mean I can no longer schedule feedings?

I have a Super-Feeder, it’s awesome. My Smartthings doesn’t arrive until later this week but it will work with any switched outlet.

Hi all,

New to the forum and interested in making a z-wave compatible cat feeder. This link referenced doesn’t seem to work ( Does anyone have access to it?


You were responding to posts which are three years old, so it’s not surprising that some of the links are out of date. :disappointed_relieved:

Instead, I suggest you look on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look under project reports on the “animals and pets” list. You should find a number of project reports there that will be of interest.

Thanks for your help!

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I have two feeders attached to appliance modules. When power is applied to the feeder it drops food for the time you have programmed on the feeder – ie 30 seconds. I control the feeding times through the timers on the Vera. Just set the script to power on the feeder and then two minutes later turn it off. Within the script you could have it send you a message, etc. I have been using these for several years and they have been working great. Now, I think it would be much better for us to get ourselves an automatic feeder. It would be much more convenient for us to feed our cats this way. Not to mention, you can control the diet and amount of food intake. If your cats have diabetes or similar conditions, getting an automatic feeder will help to improve their health a lot. You check all the important factors before buying it too. Cheers.

Which specific brand and model of feeder are you using? :sunglasses:

I assume super-feeder. Seems to be the easiest flexible one that just needs power on/off smart module which is easy to control with ST.

Super Feedeer