Zigbee Thermostat control shows "Couldn't connect to..." in SmartThings App but works in SmartThings Classic App

I am writing a device handler for my Zigbee Thermostat.

When I use the “Smartthing Apps” to send a Set point the the thermostat by zigbee.writeAttribute(), the Smartthing App will show “Couldn’t connect to …” . Even though it show error, the set point of my thermostat is changed correctly.

If I use “Smartthing Classic Apps” to do same thing, all the control is OK, without error message and control successful.

Any hints what am I missed in my Device handler causing the difference behaviour between difference Apps.

Check post #5 in the following thread


The new app doesn’t work with standard z-wave thermostat either. UI is there, but i get the same error when trying to adjust the temperature. I think they have something screwed up with the device plugin in the new app.

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Same here new app won’t connect/control my CentraLite thermostat or a Monoprice multi motion sensor. Not sure what to do.

I have a Zen that did that. Why not just use the classic app? Maybe someday they will get it fixed and it will carry over to the new app. Most everything works with the old app, its not u its Samsung and the new app

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Actually does not work in Classic app anymore.