Thermostat Not Controllable in New Smartthings App

hey guys, I need some help. I have a centralite thermostat that I have connected to smartthings. It works good until I’ve been testing the new app for the move over. The new app recognizes the thermostat and displays a temperature that it is reading but I have no options to set the mode or temperature. I’ve tried reconnecting it but so far no luck. Anyone run into this issue?

Which DTH are you using? One issue I’ve seen is if the DTH uses the thermostat capability, then it might not work properly. Thermostat has been deprecated in favor of a small army of new capabilities, such as thermostatOperatingState and thermostatFanMode.


I just changed the handler to generic zigbee thermostat and that seemed to do the trick. The battery read out appears to be wrong but everything else works. Thanks!

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