Zigbee thermostat coming?


I’m curious if smartthings are working on any zigbee thermostats to work with the hub?

I am currently researching a new heating cooling system in my home and am likely to get a reverse cycle central system (heating and cooling ). It will be controlled by a central unit that I’m hoping I can replace with a smart thermostat like the Honeywell z wave one. But it’s a U.S. Z wave product and I am in Australia so would prefer zigbee or wifi.

Has anyone here got a similar setup or know if st are working on a zigbee thermostat device type ?

Thank you

Edit : I’d look at nest thermostat but I’ve read it doesn’t handle the different fan speeds and other logic that central reversal cycle systems thermostats do.

I doubt anyone on the forums has the ability to discuss unreleased products or integrations. Especially when I know there is alot of work on fixing supported product integrations, the announced v2 hub, and general system stability including improvements to the API.

If you know of a zigbee thermostat that will fit your needs, buy it and work with the community to to write a device type so you can use it and help SmartThings support more devices that you want.

I think you expect too much from a $99 hub.

Zigbee Tstats, no I don’t know of any specific integrations to SmartThings. Radio Thermostat of America #CT80, can take a “USNAP” Zigbee module, if you want to roll your own.

If I was looking for a wireless Tstat then the best current option is ecobee3. Multizone, wifi, not dependent on Smartthings for reset.

But man, reverse cycle central heating and cooling - hooowee that is fancy. All we have in USA is heatpumps.

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There’s this from an independent Canadian company, and probably only basic functionality. I like the sound of it, not sure about its looks, and wish they sold through Amazon so I’d get free shipping and a reputable guarantee…

They provide an official “cut-and-paste” SmartThings Device Handler.




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Excellent. Thank you very much for your replies. Yep fancy reverse cycle - I have a small house so it should not cost too much.

We’re certifying this device right now. Expect official support soon.


Thanks… Are you allowed to say what you “think” of it?

I feel like being a patriot and supporting my fellow Canadian entrepreneurs, but it’s such a small outfit.

Ha! Now you know how I feel all the time!

It’s a pretty awesome device!

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awesome. I have reached out to find more info on the wiring of reverse cycle ducted systems to see if these are compatible… no responses yet but will post here when I do get one :slight_smile:

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I have 2 CentraLite thermostat that are zigbee devices. I am almost sure that at the time I purchased them, they were supported. The device template is listed under “New SmartDevices” and authored by Smartthings. If I set the temperature to 81 degrees, it changes to 80 degrees.I was told by support the following:

“The issue is with both the thermostat and the platform at this point, and it has to do with the fact that we’re truncating the number for this particular device and not rounding properly.
While we are aware of this issue, I do not have a timeline of a fix for it unfortunately.”

I hope this device does not have the problem the Centralite has and the CentraLite issues will be fixed soon. Perhaps Tyler can shed some light on this.

I think “reverse cycle” is the same thing as we call here in the US a “heat pump”. This requires another wire for the reversing valve.

I know my Pearl thermostat supports a reversing valve. I don’t have a heat pump, but I do have two stage heat (gas), and two stage cool which is also supported. I did look at the Fidure in the past and it doesn’t seem to support multi stage systems, which is unfortunate for me. I could still use it, but then the furnace would have to guess which stage to run, and it wouldn’t be based on the temperature differential. It does look quite nice otherwise.

In regard to the fan I think most “legacy” interface thermostats (like the Fidure and Pearl) only have a fan on/off wire, and not different fan speeds. But in my case the Rheem air handler/furnace takes care of the actual fan speeds. If I wanted the thermostat to control fan speed on my Rheem I’d need to buy a Rheem EcoNet specific thermostat.

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Hi Edwin,

This device never appeared on our list of certified devices, or in the mobile app “SmartSetup” menu. We were originally planning on certifying it and selling it in our shop, which is why a basic device type appears on our developer portal, but we never completed QA and certification.

Any update or timeline on this?

We’re working on testing a latest firmware version of the Fidure thermostat and we recently certified the Zen thermostat.

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Awesome, just ordered the Fidure so hopefully it’s good to go!

What version are you certifying? I just got this and have not been impressed to say the least. Changing set point from the app is inconsistent (sometimes .5 change others full point). Also changing setpoint from the thermostat itself does not reflect correctly in the app. I’m on firmware version 50.

A newer version than the one posted online. We saw the same issues with the previous version.

We’re getting really close!

Tyler, do you think it will be this week? If its more than a week I’ll probably just send it back.

Just to give a heads-up to anyone else looking at this thermostat. I definitely don’t think it’s ready for prime-time. I just initiated my return to Amazon and ordered a CT100 for $69 on Jet.com (came out cheaper than the fidure with shipping).