Zigbee Switch integration with Smartthings with Physical switch status


I got a new Zigbee relay switch that we put inside the wall kind of thing from aliexpress with model number says as MS-104Z. Its connected with Smartthings with ease and no issues there. Its connected with physical switch and load output goes from the device as shown in the diagram but it doesnt react to Physical switch action whether I switches to On or OFF. It works only from smartthings. How do I enable the thing such that, If I turn On/Off the physical switch device should react to that. Any generic device handler available?

Assuming you have wired it up correctly what type of switch are you using as usually these types of modules require a retractive switch not a toggle switch.

I am using a normal rocker switch. In the diagram it is said as rocker switch to be used.

OK and you’ve definitely got your live going through the switch to s1 aswell as shown on the diagram?

Yes. sure about that. Checked with line tester.

:thinking: If you’ve wired it up correctly and it’s working in the app correctly then all I can think of is there is something wrong with the module itself I’m sorry I can’t be much more help I’m also confused as to why its not working correctly aswell.

I had another zwave device with double relay switch and when I added to SmartThings it was assigned with the default device handler where I had the issue of physical switch action not responding. Then I updated the DH with Fibrao Double relay; luckly it matched with the device and worked perfectly as it had options to accept physical switch actions. So I think same issue am facing here as am using the default zigbee DH from SmartThings. If someone had created a zigbee DH to support these parameters then it should work.

i’m having the same issue with this module, but in a “2 way switch” config.

through zigbee the switch reponds well. but physically, sometimes the relay switches, sometimes it doesn’t.
it’s an old electrical installation, with old wiring, combined with LED lights. Might be some kind of higher harmonics issue?