GE Z-wave Motion Dimmer Switch

Hello. I am new to Smartthings but not to home automation, IFTTT, Stringify, etc. I am having some issues with this switch. I have copied code from Github and installed new Device Handlers onto my Smartthings Home Webpage. When I call up the device details it seems to be paired with the device handler. But that’s as far as I can get. Before I attempt to integrate any smartapp I would like to be able to access the switch to change the time on period, the light intensity, the occupancy/away/manual mode, etc. But i can’t seem to access anything. Can anyone point me to the step I’m missing? Thanks!

We need to know what’s working before we tell you where to go.

  1. are you using the new or classic app?
  2. does the switch work locally
  3. Did it join your network successfully?
  4. Does your switch show up in the app?
  5. Can you control the switch in the app and see the status of the motion sensor.