Phillips Hue?

I just got my Smart Things hub today. I was wanting to pair it up with some Phillips Hue bulbs, but I’m not sure what I need… everything I’m reading says I need the Phillips Hue Hub, but when I go into the Smartthings app, the only option under Phillips hue (when I choose to add a device) is a bulb, not the hub. Is the Hue hub still needed?

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This FAQ should help:

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The SmartThings system will automatically add any Hue Bridge on the same LAN to your account, whether you want it to or not. :sunglasses:

So when you go into the app, you pick the end device that you want to add. If the bridge is not already been added to your account, it will happen during that process.

Here is the official knowledgebase article:

Awesome, thank you both for the help!

I may hold off on getting Hue for now… been an expensive month.

I’m definitely going to have to rethink my network too…Right now I’m running the smartthings hub on a dedicated /30 network. When I get the Hue, I’ll probably expand that out to a /29 (not a fan of having devices I can’t login to sitting on my network).

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This may not be the direct answer to the question : SmartThings has released a direct Cloud to Cloud integration for Hue
This would mean that users who don’t have a SmartThings hub, they can on-board their hue integration directly with all the key functionalities.
A hue bridge is required.
This integration can be found under - SmartThings app home page > Philips Hue brand > Tap on Lights > Tap on “Philips Hue without SmartThings Hub”