Zigbee stability

I think Cree uses the same ZigBee stack - so they would also be affected by this issue.


Yea I was right there with @a4refillpad . I was ready to give up on ST. I was actively telling friends to dump the system. At least 2 months of the nightly dance of trying to turn off all the lights in the house from my bed. I had just started to accept it.

Then finally opened a support ticket only to get “we cant reproduce it” or “we dont have a way to reproduce the issue”. Go take 300-400 dollars and buy 20 Cree or osram bulbs… Pair them. Then just try to turn them off. I got the run around of ‘can you reboot the hub’, ‘can you delete and add the bulb’, or ‘its possibly interference’. Each time proving the issue was not any of these… Luckly I am single and live alone, so doing things like laying a cat5 across the livingroom to put the hub in the most central location with 0 interference around it… I bought 300 dollars in smart outlets trying to ‘improve the mesh’ only to have the same instability.

As I said in my main thread, I understand we are outliers. That the average customer has 15 things or fewer… That by definition we are power users… Still yet, if the power users get frustrated what about mom and pop, or what about us telling others how great…or how bad the system is. We are a small subset, barely a blip on Samsung’s radar at this point. I just know I grew very tired trying to do basic troubleshooting that shouldn’t make it out of the QA lab

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We do have the same 01020492 firmware images that are available through the Lightify hub and are testing these images internally right now. I believe that the firmware mentioned above is for the Lightify hub itself.


I was already on the latest version firmware update from lightify and still had all the problems mentioned. I’ve done the testing for you in effect. I can confirm it’s definitely no good.

In discussions with engineering in regards to the zigbee implementation in the Osram bulbs, apparently the bulbs can only queue 7 relayed packets at any one time. This would explain why in larger set-ups that stability issues can occur as the bulbs become overloaded and unable to relay everything passed to them.

I don’t know if the same applies to other zigbee bulbs but I guess it might be similar. Until a formal fix is found I would continue avoiding adding these bulbs directly.

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Check if Zigbee and Wifi have interference on 2.4 GHz band on this web page.