Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

Thanks for the update and confirmation @posborne. Most of my firmware updates take several hours, in the example above nearly 7. Is this also normal?

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7 is not impossible but is higher than we were typically seeing in our testing. I assume this is from the actual start of the update (not enabling) to end of the firmware update? The time it will take to update is dependent on the latency per message (if it is going through multiple routers), how much other traffic is on the network, and the number of devices being concurrently updated (we support up to 5 at present).

OTA wasn’t my primary focus, so some of this is second hand. Somebody like @tpmanley might be able to provide further insight.

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Was zigbee performance improved in this hub update?

It seems that my smartthings presence sensor is working much much better after this hub update.

Both range and time to detect presence sensor has improved.

In general everything seems to be working slightly faster after the hub update.

Is there a published list of devices that will get firmware upgrade in this release? is this strickly for ST?

Might just be coincidence but the one Iris motion sensor I had that dropped connection at least once a day has been solid since the update.

I wonder if it’s now safe to connect Osram bulbs directly into smartthings rather than via the hue bridge?

I will see if I can find it but there was a post earlier stating that SmartThings did a firmware update a while back that separates relayed packets to alleviate that issue.

Here’s the link.

ZigBee networks in general should be more stable, but we did not release a firmware update for the Osram bulbs. It’s in progress but I do not have a timeline to announce at this time.

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Semi coincidental, semi not. These devices did not get a firmware upgrade, but you should start seeing improvements on overall reliability!


Good to hear!

Thanks but as of before this update the situation was still a definite no-go for me. I think @JDRoberts mentioned something very pertinent. In the UK we do not use boosted zigbee on our outlets, so even if you have around 8 zigbee outlets around the house, compared to the 20+ osram bulbs, it’s still very likely for your packets to try and go via a bulb to get to the hub.
In the US where the outlets are boosted I think it’s less likely to happen.
On top of this I have over 60 battery powered zigbee sensors around the house, it’s probably obvious why I was getting constant drops now in hindsight.

I will cautiously try and add a few bulbs back in, with the new hub firmware and see how things go.

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Just just making everybody aware of this. I have an Osram Lightify RGBW flex on the back of my TV. It’s been working flawlessly for the last year and a half or so. Except for this morning I came downstairs to find that it was on and it was on 100% brightness white. The same color it is when it’s unplugged and plugged back in.

I opened up the IDE site to view the logs for it. The turning on of came from the source “device”, not “app command.” It came on at 6:47am. The same time it was checked for a firmware update.

I know only smart things branded things are eligible for OTA firmware updates, but I’m wondering if somehow these Osram Lightify products are becoming messed up since the OTA updates became possible.

Support got me to try various things with the offending motion sensor. No joy. It either permanently reports motion or permanently nothing.
Support are going to replace it under warranty.
What is disturbing though is that this seems to have happened after an update.

I have 3 Lightify Garden Spot Minis, and on all three, when the firmware version was checked, the lights changed to the default power-up color and the brightness to 100%. Not cool.

Well, the offender offended again just now. Dropped again. Still might be it’s placement that’s the issue.

This is exactly what happened to me with my Lightify Flex RGBW STRIPS. I may disable OTA updates if this behavior continues. I’ve never had any problems with the strips or my garden spots randomly turning on until the OTA updates started.

Yo, So updates happened… turned on OTA, updates happening. now however my Hub says offline on the app and yet I can still turn things on and off. reset the app, says online then goes offline after a little while.

I thought this could be an ISP problem but I’m having no issues with Nest. all my devices seem to be doing their updates in the background… reset then set off the SHM alarm.

any ideas?

After reading this and something in another thread, I decided to power down my hub for 20 mins and power it back up again.
Apparently this causes the zigbee devices to re-associate/rebuild the zigbee network.
I would be interested if someone would confirm/deny this.
Anyway, after doing this things do seem to have quickened up their response times to motion etc.
Well that’s my perception anyway. :slight_smile:

Did you update it to the latest firmware from osram?

This is true of any certified zigbee coordinator, which the SmartThings hub is. When you remove the coordinator from the network by powering it off (including removing any batteries) and leave it off for at least 20 minutes while leaving the other certified zigbee devices powered on, the other devices will go into “panic mode” because they can’t find the coordinator.

Then when the coordinator comes back online, each of the other zigbee devices will rebuild their individual neighbor tables.

This was originally intended to let you move an entire network without having to reset each individual device, but it also just cleans up any issues from missing or bad repeaters on a network.

It can take awhile for all of the tables to get rebuilt, so you may not see improvements until the next day.

This process is called a “network heal” in Zigbee.

It will not affect your Z wave devices. For those you have to run the “zwave repair” utility to rebuild the individual device tables.

As I mentioned, this is just part of the zigbee standard, all zigbee home automation devices should work this way.

@tpmanley should be able to say if there’s anything weird about the SmartThings zigbee implementation of a network heal, but I don’t think there is. Many people have been doing a zigbee heal in this manner for the two years that I’ve been in the community. :sunglasses:

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