Issue with ZigBee sensors not responding

I had problems with two out of my three contact sensors not working and my arrival sensors going crazy.
Live support with Tom he changed the arrival sensors from 2 to 3 minute timeout and changed something on the backend and rejoined the contact sensors they have been fine ever since. I have also disabled the bluetooth on my laptop that was always connected to my HI-FI for quick youtube playing.

The 3rd sensor that works is on the shed the furthest away from the hub. Smartthings motion sensor is bang in the middle of the house never had a problem. So its either what chris did in the backend or its me disabling the bluetooth.

I will have a think if I have any Bluetooth devices but cant see it being that, they are on different frequencies so shouldn’t interfere with each other.

I haven’t actually had any problems with my Presence Sensors thinking about it (touch wood) but don’t relay on them massively so may not have noticed.


  1. have you looked at your insecure rejoin settings?

  2. Do you have enough outlets serving as repeaters for the network?

House isn’t exactly big @Aaron and there is 4 SmartThings plugs serving

I’ve set the insecure rejoin to allow insecure (thought that would be the least restrictive)


I also have this problem. It is a real pain. Just yesterday I had a big zigbee ST meltdown.

5 of 8 ST branded Multisensors no longer reported open and close.
2 of 5 ST branded Motion sensors no longer reported motion.

Yes - Exactly the same issue. Only ST branded Zigbee devices. Other zigbee devices are fine.

zigbeeUnsecureRejoin: true

Not sure, but 3 of the multisensors that stopped working are within 10 feet of the hub.

I’d have a sensor here and there fail but in the last week or two it has been worse.

There shouldn’t be anything from the past two weeks that would have changed the Zigbee behavior (ie. yesterday’s firmware update was the only change). Have you added any new wifi devices in the house?

If it’s not batteries, range, or interference, there are a couple other items of note:

  1. One of the repeaters may have a bad pairing. Can you also try resetting the outlets

  2. If you have any Osram, Cree, or GE Link bulbs, these could be causing events to go missing. It has to do with the firmware on the Zigbee chip. Unscrew the bulbs and waiting an hour or so (or reboot the Hub) to force the network to re-map.

  3. I don’t know how much has been discussed elsewhere, but we are testing some Zigbee device OTA updates for a few first and third party devices.

  4. Information about our new device health capabilities is slowly eeking out. It will be limited at first, but over time, will us be able to proactively warn you when something starts going wrong.

(note - I know #3 and #4 are not immediate fixes, but they are active projects and should help us better target long standing device connectivity issues. Also, no - I cannot share more detailed timelines beyond soon)


If the last updated date is N/A does that mean they have never been OTA updated? Like I said above I had 7 ST branded devices drop off yesterday. Just trying to figure out why.

That’s right. The ability to update FW hasn’t been released yet, just the ability to read the current version.

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Is there a way for the end user to see a bad pairing with the SmartThings sockets? Or any device for that matter?

The only extra things I’ve really added are Rooma ThinkingClear and one of the FLS-PP Ballasts for LED strip (which I’m just about to unplug/remove for testing)


So what do I do about the 7 devices that can no longer identify themselves?

I have a zigbee sensor not responding 2-3 days back, the last battery reading was 66%.

I checked the battery using multimeter and realized its only left with 2.2V (full was 3V).

After replaced with a new battery (reading 3.1V), the sensor come to alive immediately :smiley:

So it’s good to always check the battery.

On Thursday when the Hub updated I lost all my ST zigbee devices withing 15 mins of each other. At the moment nothing I can do can bring them back. Waiting on support but getting frustrated.

23 devices knocked out

I wonder if anyone ato ST will address this (on Monday) or if they are all focused on the Hue issues. I personally would associate contact sensors and motion sensors with security. I would get a higher priority in my eyes, but if it is just 5 or 6 of us who knows…

It is very interesting that all of us have reported that they are only ST branded devices. All other zigbee devices are fine.


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Did you guys notice any link on this with Hue? as I lost Hue connect functionality at the same time. I’ve been able to fix that with a workaround but at the moment nothing I try brings my sensors back online.

I don’t have any Hue bulbs. I do have 1 sensor that wouldn’t come back online.

I’ve had this exact problem for many months now. Each failure can be fixed by simply removing the device battery for a few seconds. I have good coverage with outlets, and before this problem began, the zigbee devices were reliable. There is no discernible pattern of failure.

Same problem here. Support pushed new settings to the sensor that was failing, and ever since the last hub update the sensor has been failing again. sigh~

Please open a ticket with support and DM the ticket number. I will flag these and see if we can figure out what is going on.

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do you know this for a fact or just speculation?

I know there was a hub update, I’m asking if there was a device update also…

Fact. This was through email communication with support and also mentioned
in another thread. They changed the way the sensors report their status and
it seemed to break things for some people.