Z-Wave/Zigbee mixed system

(Sean) #1

I have alot of experience with zigbee systems but none with z-wave. not sure how they will work together on a single system, does anyone have some sensors with zigbee and zwave? If i have a zigbee sensor on the front door and a zwave sensor on the back door, or just a bunch of mixed up hodge-podge zigbee/zwave sensors all running around my home will or could it cause conflicts? If zigbee sensor detects and causes zwave sensor to do task, could that cause issues? does it destabilize the network or will it work as if all sensors were the same?

(Chacho Morales) #2

I have a mix Zigbee, Z wave and TCP bulbs in all my house and no problem in the mix of task, the only problem I get was in Z Wave with the interference of a Celular tower near my house so my zwave don’t have good range.

(Ron S) #3

30 or so mixed devices here with no issue…

(John Rucker) #4

They are completely two different systems (ZigBee runs at 2.4Ghz and Z-Wave is 908.42Mhz) they only meet at the SmartThings hub. So the good thing is they wont interferer with each other. But the bad news is the ZigBee and Z-Wave devices dont work together to relay each others information. With ZigBee devices each mains powered device you add will extend the reach of your ZigBee network. So you can have your SmartThings hub in one room and control a whole house full of ZigBee devices because they relay each others data. If your in a small house or apartment this is probably not an issue but for lager houses you have to keep this in mind. I’m only ZigBee and I have devices all over my house and even outside several hundred feet away and they all work very well. If some of the devices were Z-Wave I wold not be able to have the reach I have today. Just something to think about.

(Brian Smith) #5

Actually, I think that all powered zwave devices act as repeaters as well. That is why there is an option in SmartThings to “repair the zwave network.”

I have a mix of both in my house and have no problems with communication. in fact, I have no powered zigbee devices and I’m still OK.

(Christopher Masiello) #6

Yeah, they both have similar, but incompatible “mesh” networking approaches. If you have multiple devices of either type, you should be able to cover a fairly large house/property fine. You can even buy repeaters for either type for very cheap.