Zigbee Roller Shade Solution

Hi Folks,

I am a new member of this community and am looking for some help with the new device. After a lot of research and back and forth, I was finally able to work out a deal with a manufacturer to create a Zigbee based roller blind solution.

I am interested in automating my roller blinds. The current available solutions (Ex. Somfy) is not intelligent and there is always an extra cost associated with the setup.

Advantages over the existing solution:
Works on Zigbee
No intermediate device required (ZRTSI)
Intelligent motor (Gives feedback - 7%, 24%, 76%, 100% covered etc - Curtain level)
Works on 24vdc (got my home prewired with low voltage wiring to every window)

Current state:
Got the document.
Prototype is ready to get shipped to me after I confirm

The motor has the following specs:
Texas Instruments CC2530 is used in SOC and Z-Stack
Mesh 1.0.0 is used in protocol stack

I am developer myself… but new to the smartthings world. So, please let me know if I need to look out for anything specific in the motor. Also, do the above specs work with smartthings hub ? Apologies if my questions are naive!

Let me know if you need additional information regarding the motor. Your help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

FWIW, you can buy Monoprice Z-Wave Curtain Module Relay for $19.99 and hook it up to your low-voltage DC motor.

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The TI ZigBee Z-Stack in HA1.2 configuration works with SmartThings, but you have to write a custom Device Type Handler. I’m available as a systems integration consultant (private message me, please).

Hi Geko,

Thank you for your response. I did look into this solution.

Shade + Tubular Motor (retrofit) + Monoprice Zwave device = $100 + $50 + $20 = $170 (approx)
We cannot ascertain the exact level of the roller shade
Cannot change the speed of the motor
Cannot set various limits for the motor
Multiple components

Solution I’m working on:
Shade + Tubular Motor (Retrofit) = $100 + $65 = $160 (approx)
May work with ST
Can change the speed of the motor
Can determine the position of the roller shade

For me, a Zigbee based motor solution makes more sense!

This will be a great solution if it really works with ST. When you say that you have worked out a deal with a manufacturer what does it mean? Is the manufacturer going to make one just for you? Or are you going to make this zigbee version by partnering with the manufacturer?

Yep! Interested in bulk orders to make the solution really cheap vs the current available solutions.

Did this ever progress to a viable solution?


thanks for checking! yeah… after months of working and lots of back and forth… i do have a working prototype ready :slight_smile: I will create a small video and post it here… the motor has pretty good functionality:

  1. Set speed of motor (going up and going down)
  2. Add middle points to the motor (click down or up and stop at certain predefined points)
  3. Reverse up and down directions (down for up and vice-versa)

stay tuned!


I’m still tuned :wink:

I’m tuned too! Would be interested in what you came up with (caveat - would not to work in the UK market)

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Any update on this? Very interested too!

@Rupesh_Reddy Any status?

Interested too, what happened in the end @Rupesh_Reddy?

I went with the ESP8266 NodeMCU and a servo for my current blinds in case you are interested in another solution. Here is the topic I followed.


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Brilliant thanks

Hi. I need handler for blaupunkt roller shutter zha 1.2.
Can you Help me?

This is difficult without:

  • a) The exact specifications. Hopefully it follows an appropriate standard ZigBee HA cluster; but I can’t tell.
  • b) Vendor support in case of difficulties
  • c) A unit to test with.

Hi… Using standard Zigbee Switch handler the roller shutter works…
If i click “on” It full open and of i click “off” It full close. Also the default handler read the status correctly.
Someone can help me Just to make cosmetics change (change icon and product type).
Also of it’s possibile add a stop button…
Thanks to all