Looking for a roller shade motor

Hi everybody,

Looking for a recommendation for a motor to automate a roller shade with the following requirements:

  • Works with SmartThings! :slight_smile:
  • If at all possible NOT a Tuya device, I have too many hubs already
  • ZigBee or WiFi or Z-Wave but not Bluetooth
  • Works with a chain like the Zemismart as an example
  • With own remote preferably

Any suggestions? Something that will not break the bank would be nice but if not I’ll splurge.


What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

What model smartthings/aeotec hub do you have?

If you’re willing to wait a few months, window shades are going to be one of the matter device categories, and that might give you more inexpensive options to choose from.

Do you care if the motor is battery-powered or mains-powered? If battery powered, does a solar power option make a difference?

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Hi JD,

  • Canada, eh!
  • V3 Samsung hub
  • Wait for Matter: why not? Good idea!
  • Corded (mains) powered as I can hide the cord & power supply fairly well from my wife’s view :smiley:

What bugs me is that the options out there (at least the ones I saw) are tied to a hub (Tuya, Aqara) and for ZigBee I find that massively annoying. I do have a Tuya hub but it’s to mess around and see what it does first and foremost as they’re so cheap on AliExpress.


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