Hue app and zigbee Rgbw strip


Right I’m new to this smartthings world but love the possibiltlys it provides. I have just bought a zigbee rgbw led strip and have managed to get it to work with the hue app and also the smartthings app the only problem is when I go to select the colour it doesn’t correspond to the correct colour that the strip is showing. Any way to realign the colours. Thanks

What strip and what controller do you have? What DTH are you using from the ST side?

Hi its just an Rgbw one from eBay and I just searched for the item in new things and it found it straight away but as two lights one as white and the other as a colour strip

That doesn’t answer any of the questions I asked. Model numbers? Brands?

I searched Amazon for “zigbee rgb controller” after seeing this post and saw that there are several that advertise working with Hue bridge. Cheapest was ~ $29, no light strip, no power adapter.

Okay…but that doesn’t help either. In order to help with your device I need to know what you have. Not giving that info is like saying “i need the brakes fixed on my car” but not telling whether you have a mini cooper or a pickup truck.

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These are what I bought

Sorry but I can’t tell anything from those pictures. And you haven’t answered any of the other questions about what DTH you are using. I can’t even tell if that device is ST compatible. Sorry, can’t help you.

Well really sorry mate but that’s all the info I have