Zigbee onoff controller from ebay

Just wondering if anyone has ordered these from ebay and got them to work? Seems to be in pairing mode, but not being detected. Thanks all.

I have 2 both work fine

Bugger. Got 2, both not pairing properly. Managed to get it to pair with the classic smartthings app, but just shows up with “please wait”. Funnily enough don’t get picked up by Alexa either as they should. Will see what the seller says. Thanks.

You would need to find and install the appropriate device handler for them. You’ll probably need to do everything from the Classic app since a lot of custom code doesn’t work in the Connect app.

I had the same issue of only saying ‘PLEASE WAIT’, you need to change the type in IDE to ‘SMARTPOWER OUTLET’ then it works like a dream.

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Cheers mate, very helpful. Will give it a go.

Just got one of these and installed in a florescent light fitting. I’m extremely pleased it works properly as a powered ZigBee relay, with decent range. I found that to get it to pair I needed to put the ST hub closer to it.

The fitting type is one I’ve never come across before though. You push the solid copper core wires into it and it grabs hold, then to release you use a small tool to push down while pulling the wire.

I initially found that smart apps (SA) didn’t want to control it for some reason. Not sure if it’s because I had the incorrect DH installed when installing the SA, but deleting the SA and reinstalling fixed it.

Hi all, I’m new here, so perhaps my question is answered already.

Can this module monitor if there is voltage on the output even if the relay in is “open” state ?

My application is that I have 2 outdoor light’s each with a seperate pir sensor to activate the light. I want to add 2 zigbee relays one to each lamp, and is one lamp is on, then the ST need to turn on the other lamp, so if either lamp goes on from the pir, then both relays most switch on (timer controlled before both goes off)

Not for me, just simple on off. But as a thought, are the pir sensors ZigBee? If so it should be easy to use these and the sensors with webcore to achieve what you want. Am yet to find outdoor PIR sensors yet that don’t cost the earth mind.

Hi Nick, correct :slight_smile: my pir sensors are not zwave and it will cost me 60£ per sensor to change, and and want to use one existing push switch as trigger as well (that also runn 220v)

It must be possible to find a cheap 220v Input sensor somewhere ?

If you find one let me know, I know the Samsung smartplugs do monitoring but they are cheap either and not ideal for outside usage.

In case anyone can’t connect one of these eBay controllers - up until a recent App Update the mentioned ZigBee controllers were being added fine for me. Then one became unresponsive and after deleting it I couldn’t re add it in the app as a proper switch any more. It would just get added as “Thing”.

I didn’t know you could manage your devices in the smartthings portal so by going on to here and editing the device I was able to change it to a ZigBee Switch which did the trick perfectly and I am back in the game. I suspect this is common knowledge to a lot of people but in case anyone struggles with the same problem hopefully this helps…

I have three of them I can get them connected and when I select them all it says is connected there’s no option to turn them on or off and I cannot get Alexa to find them either. I could use some help my friends.

I have the same issue here. I have been trying to access the configuration part of the device, but I haven’t discovered yet. I’ll let you know if I find a way. I bought ten of these sensors.

does anyone know if they can be added to the new ST app? Also, is their processing local or cloud? And one most important q, is there any manual override button for on/off? Thanks

I can now answer my own questons as it arrived yesterday…Yes, IDE says local processing…and no manual over ride button (just a tiny reset button), but don’t need one if it works local.

I have had one for a while. Sent as free test from Amazon. Just got around to trying it. Turned on the controller and got flashing red light. Told Smartthings app (the new one) to search for anything nearby and it took about 10 seconds to find and pair it. Immediately had a pop up on phone from Alexa saying it was paired there as well.

Does anyone know how to reset this device? (the one in the picture at the beginning of the thread)
I removed it from my hub in order to pair it to a different one, and can’t find it. I can’t find the user manual anywhere, and can’t see any reset button or anything like that

nevermind, got it to reset by pressing on the reset opening for several seconds. I wasn’t sure if it was fully reset because I couldn’t pair it to my new hub, but moving the hub closer got it to pair fine