Zigbee no longer works

Every zigbee device I own has stopped responding but my z-wave devices are still working. I’ve rebooted the hub and checked the log but my devices aren’t reporting any activity (neither z-wave nor zigbee). I’m wondering if it’s a problem with the hub. Does anyone know if there are separate radios for z-wave and zigbee? I’m using a V1 hub. Thanks.

There are to transceivers, but have you logged on to the IDE and check status of the devices? I am far from an expert with this, but that is where to start looking.


Yes, two separate radios.

As @joelw135 suggested, log into the IDE and look at the information for the hub and it will show you separate information fields for both zigbee and Z wave.

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As of a few minutes ago there seems to be a problem with the IDE acting strangely, so wait a bit.

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So we went out to breakfast, returned home two hours later and every Zigbee device is now working properly. :roll_eyes:

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Mines are down ATM. All philips Hue lights are not responding.

Are they still working properly? All my Philips Hue lights are alternating between online and offline.

No, most have failed again. I’ve rebooted the hub, unplugged it and waited 30 minutes before plugging it back in, moved the hub, replaced multiple batteries, and installed as many Zigbee repeaters as I possibly can. There is nothing in the logs and device status just shows they last checked in a day or two ago and are now offline. A couple still work, so it’s apparently not a problem with the hub. After 3-years of constant issues, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something about my house the precludes the use of SmartThings and will continue to remove devices that prove to be consistently unreliable. I suspect at some point there won’t be any need to keep the hub.

And you have validated that you don’t have an interference issue between your 2.4ghz wifi channel and the assigned ST Zigbee channel on the Hub? So many different issues lately in the ST world, it’s hard to rule one thing out over the other. I would validate this again, if you have already done this in the past, but if the two channels are sitting on top of each other, modify the 2.4ghz channel as far away from the Zigbee channel:

Thanks for the suggestion. A few months ago I moved my router’s 2.4ghz channel to 1 and the Zigbee channel on the hub is 24, so that doesn’t appear to be the issue.

Is the Zigbee channel still on 24? (This could have changed in between firmware updates, one of your last major power outages, etc…)

I would avoid wifi channel 1 if you can as you could create additional interference with all other routers in the neighborhood who are also on this common channel.

As long as your wifi channel isn’t sitting on the same mountain (picture) as the Zigbee channel you should be fine (If Zigbee is on 24, you would be fine with channel 2-6 for example).

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I had a major outage this weekend, just as you did. For whatever reason my Raspi running Home assistant (some redundancy to ST) lost wifi connection and all zigbee devices connected to ST hub went down/worked intermittently. FYI I have no zigbee nor zwave antenna on the raspberry.

I rebooted the raspberry and everything came back online magically. No issues since.

I can’t figure out how those two events can be logically linked but it appears solving one solved the other…