Zigbee lux sensor

Anyone got any recommendations for a zigbee lux sensor that I could use to better control lighting on overcast winter days? Routines only active dusk to dawn won’t help when I need the lights on a midday on an overcast December day.

Extra points if it also works outside.

The Hue outdoor motion sensor reports lux and temperature. I’m not sure if you can use the values in SmartThings, though. :thinking:

@blueyetisoftware or @iquix might know.

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Can that be used on SmartThings without a hue hub?

Yes, but I don’t know if it exposes the lux values.

It does expose those values. The LAN driver I have reads those from the hub.

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From the hub?
Do you mean a hue hub?

Yes. I have an Edge driver that integrates with the Hue hub. I know you were looking for hub-less. These motion sensors can also be added directly to ST and also get the lux value. You will need a custom driver for that as well. I know there is one on the forum somewhere for it.

Edge driver here by @iquix for HUE motion sensor without HUE hub.


I am using Aeotec Tri-Sensor to control various lights in and outside of my home. I recently switched over to the new Smart lighting app and the sensor has been working very well with the stock “z-wave sensor” driver.

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Thanks but I was trying to avoid zwave. I have no zwave devices at present and adding this would present a problem. Where i would want to put it would be quite some distance from the hub so without intervening zwave devices to route through to the hub I’m not convinced it would work.


Hue Outdoor without Hue hub.

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smartthings “outside-smartweather” device type handler,
exposes “illuminance” says lux.

Pretty sure it’s just a calculated value adjusted for time of day, day of year and weather condition. Which I prefer to a physical sensor anyway. Hopefully it does not get canned.

Is it local enough for light control? A lot of those are really only useful for about 50 m around the particular weather information source. For example, a lot of houses will be shady on one side of the house, but bright on the other. :sun_behind_large_cloud: :sunny:

Excellent, is that with an edge driver?

Yes, it can be found here.


Following up on this, I have since bought the outdoor hue motion sensor with lux sensor and have installed in outside my front door. It’s using the edge driver.
I’m currently using the lux value in automation for the hall lights.
It works as I hoped it would.