HUE outdoor motion sensor

I have a smartthings socket connected to my smartthings hub.
I want to activate this socket when motion on the outside of the house.
Can I use the HUE outdoor motion sensor? Will I need to use the HUE bridge to get this to work?

Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the HUE motion sensor?

See this post for details of what others have done. Essentially, you can connect the Hue motion sensor to SmartThings, in which case you don’t need the Hue Bridge BUT your Hue system won’t then see the sensor; it’s one or the other I believe.

Ok, but I thought the smartthings would see the HUE sensor without bridge. But you could not use it as a motion sensor?

Zooz has an outdoor sensor if you need to skip the purchase of a hue bridge.


The Zooz ZSE29 also happens to be on sale through Tuesday :slight_smile: