Zigbee Light Strip Controller YSR-MINI-01

Model: YSR-MINI-01 (5 pin RGBW)
Price: £11.99
Bought From: Ebay
Smartthings: Yes, Local, direct pair no custom DTH
Repeater: Yes

I bought the Zigbee Light Strip Controller YSR-MINI-01 and was pleasantly surprised with the ease of adding it to Smartthings. It knew what it was and became instantly controllable, no messing around with DTH’s.

Bought because I had Wifi controllers connected through IFTTT and they would drop off at the slightest power cut, I have a few of those GLEDOPTO controllers but at almost £19 a pop every time it was becoming expensive, the YSR-MINI-01 comes in at a lesser price of £11.99 (Not a massive difference i know but it all adds up) smaller and without that super bright red led light on constantly.

Been using them for around 2 weeks and no issues. Thought I would share as were cheaper and work directly with Smartthings.

Edit - Added quick overview showing price, model and bought from at top of page