Zigbee Full Color Slave Controller RGB Wifi Controller WF323 DC12-24V

I found this device on ebay for only $25.99

I am going to order one of these and see how hard it is to write a device type for.

This looks like a great option for RGB Led Strips especially if you want multiple independently controllable strips. I was also looking for something cheap enough to make a DIY RGB bulb for uplighting. I would also love to see some tiny generic z-wave or zigbee io modules that could be wired into existing sensors or applications without having to go the full arduino or raspberry route.

I haven’t found an analog output or any input devices but I did find this

at $30 + $30 for a xbee card it would give you a $15 per controlled output and be fairly easily integrated into projects.

If anyone has a head start on drivers for these, or better routs to go I would love to see what you have.


What was the outcome of your tests? I’ve been eyeing that Zigbee Full Color Slave Controller for a couple days.

VERY interesting! At $23 it’s WAAAAY cheaper than the Dresden at about a third of the cost, but then I guess it will depend on functionality:

Their website is extremely slow but I might be tempted. The 323 module looks to be smaller than the Dresden as well albeit thicker.

Did you get it to work @steve_ledridge? I just got my Kiwi ZigBee-RGB yesterday but couldn’t get it to pair in the few minutes of play time I had last night.

Any luck with - WF323 ?

anyone have any luck with this device?

Anyone tried to pair it with the hue hub yet?

Decided to try it out. It powers an LED strip but can’t get it to pair with the ST Hub. Using the Android SmartThings app, +Add a Thing, it just sits there and searches endlessly. This is after pressing buttons 1 and 3 on the WF323 to put it in pairing mode (as per the instructions).

Any thoughts on how to get it to join the network?

Has anyone had success yet?

Anyone…any luck with the WF323?

I tried to buy one, but I’m not able to get it join the network. I’ve validated with a Zigbee sniffer (TI CC2531), and didn’t see any message from it …

Don’t waste your money, avoid it!