Tuya Zigbee LED controller

Anyone knows how to make this device work in Smartthings? It shows up as “Thing”.

Any hints for a device handler?

Only guessing, but try the ZLL RGBW Bulb DTH.

Thanks. I did try that but it won’t work. I live in Norway. Not sure if ZLL is supported. The power button will not engage with any ZZL device handler. The Zigbee handlers show power state, but wull not turn it on/off or dim.

The device looks like something I would buy if a handler can be found. The only two device handlers I have used for the Zigbee RGBW controllers are the ZLL RGBW and Zigbee RGBW or the White Color Temperature equivalents.

From this point, I would probably try every Zigbee handler to see, at least, the power function would work.

Browsing the Hubitat forum might offer some clues.

Wish I could be more help, hopefully someone will offer some insight.