Zigbee Keypads Partially Stopped Working as of May 7, 2019

You have a couple of options, it looks like you’re using SHM Delay, try starting over from scratch and see if that helps.

If you don’t need the entry delay features then you can use a simpler approach if you have access to RBoy Apps. Install the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad device handler and install LUM SmartApp to program codes on your keypad and create actions when the codes are used, for example run the hello home routines, change Classic SHM state. You can create specific actions for each action button on the keypad (on, partial, away, night etc) and create separate actions for each code or global actions for all codes. The enhanced zigbee DTH also works with SHM Delay so you can switch between Delay and LUM in future if you choose.

It’s best practice to keep only one device handler, so whatever approach you choose delete any used DTH’s to avoid problems later on due to a stale DTH issue on the platform.