Zigbee in wall power outlet?

Does this exist?? i’ve been looking for one and cant find it, or anything that works as a zigbee repeater and small children cant unplug

I’ve had a cursory look and I’m afraid there are very slim pickings, the only one I can find is the Quirky one but you’ll have to confirm with the community if it works with ST, available from Dell or Target:


There aren’t many receptacles, but there are inwall relays that you wire behind the existing receptacle. Some of these are on the current "works with smart things "list. SmartenIT makes some. These work very well. :sunglasses:




The quirky outlink works just doesn’t do the energy monitor part. Select the GE Zigbee Switch to control on/off


A zigbee lightswitch would also work, i just want something cheap to be a repeater, i know i can use the original motion sensor but i don want to have cables everywhere

You can get zigbee light switches from GE at Best Buy. They look just like the Zwave ones (same case).