Zigbee devices hard reset/? Issues during initialization? (Sept 2023)

Hi all

I know zwave devices need to be excluded before re-pairing, but I always thought you could simply delete and re-pair a zigbee device. Having some issues with a few zigbee devices and drivers all of a sudden (seems timed with the latest iOS update, but that may be a coincidence). Not sure if I’m not following proper procedures to delete and pair back. Or maybe there are some initialization problems happening.

One of the devices is a Centralite temp/humidity sensor, the other is a Smartthings multipurpose sensor. I use these devices for temperature measurement.

I have three of each of these types of sensors. I’ve been able to pair one of each with no issues. The other two are giving me trouble.

For the Centralite, the devices just won’t report all of their data. They should be sending battery, temp, and humidity. All they send is battery, with an occasional humidity signal. When they pair, they connect with a custom driver (one of Mariano’s zigbee thermostat drivers), and the. I flip them to the stock “zigbee humidity sensor” driver. No amount of back and forth with drivers ever causes the temperature readings to come through.

For the Smartthings multipurpose sensor, these seem to be responding properly, but I also like to use one of Mariano’s drivers that gives me the temperature on the tile. They pair properly with this driver when I connect them, but only one of the three will let me set the different tile options. The other two ignore it and always show the contact sensor on the tile.

I suspect something is going on behind the scenes during the initialization or transition between drivers. There is no way so many sensors went bad at once. Any insights? Any way to ensure I get the best possible chance of a good pairing and correct driver output? Thanks.