Hub reset, zigbee devices won't connect

Hello everyone. Was having some issues with some devices so I contacted support and had them delete my location so I could start over. Well finally got that done and started to connect devices all went we’ll until I got to my zigbee devices. None of them will pair. Have tried the moving the hub away from router and resetting devices but nothing. I find it strange that none of my zigbee’s will pair. I have contacted support again but thought someone here might have an idea. I had less problems with my old ancient X10 system.

All my ZigBee bulbs have stopped working since yesterday. ST was running into some major problem since yesterday which has not resolved as of now. I think this might be realted to your problem, might as well wait till they finished fixing their platform before you do anything.


Wow, well at least maybe it’s not just me

i’ve been having issues controlling my Hue lights with a Aeon Minimote for the last 2 days… will wait for this issue to get resolved to see if its related…

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Same here. Also, kind of funny now, I opened my patio door this morning (which doesn’t have any triggers during the day) and my TV turned on as well as my patio lights. My wife had to laugh at me staring at the TV in confusion.

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Same here. Been resetting Cree and Osram bulbs for a couple days. And ZigBee motion sensors seem slower to trigger zwave switches.

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Has this been fixed? Yesterday was in a chat support with ST and they reset the zigbee service and now none of the zigbee devices work.

Yeah, this seems to have happened to me. I’ve reset my Hub but none of my ZigBee devices will pair :pensive: