All zigbee devices dropped from my hub (March 2019)

Hi, I’ve just noticed that every single zigbee device I have set up on my hub has dropped, this is a mix of Ikea tradfri, smartthings, xiaomi aqara (which I expect to drop from time to time). I’ve tried unplugging the hub for 20 minutes and also resetting my smartthings open/close and motion sensors but to no avail. Has anyone experienced the same recently and find a cure for it? I really don’t fancy having to reset all my devices.

Thanks for any help.

How many zigbee repeaters do you have in your mesh? Also, how many zigbee devices do you have? You shouldn’t need to reset, especially if you have insecure rejoin enabled.

I have 26 tradfri bulbs, 1 tradfri plug and a smartthings plug spread throughout my house which all act as repeaters as far as I know. I’ve got a total of 40 zigbee devices. All were working fine until about 08.30 this morning and they all disconnected at roughly the same time.

Ok, that should be fine in terms of devices per potential routing device.

Let’s try something? Watch the IDE and rejoin a device. Typically it should just be pulling the battery and putting it back in.

You see an event log similar to this:

zbjoin: {“dni”:“E916”,“d”:“000D6F0002EAFE62”,“capabilities”:“80”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:“01 0104 0402 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0402 0500 0020 0B05 01 0019”,“application”:"",“manufacturer”:“CentraLite”,“model”:“3315”}],“parent”:“290C”,“joinType”:0}

What does your device rejoin to as the “parent”? If it’s 0000, then that’s the hub. That’s OK as long as the hub doesn’t exceed the number of zigbee devices, which it then should try a different parent. The same applies to any parent. Make sure you’re having a good spread (that can be a lot of work checking log files).

Do you have Unsecure Rejoin set to “true” on your hub?

After much searching through logs etc I think I have traced the problem. It seems one of my sons managed to turn on my playstation 4 at around 08.30 this morning and this seems to have managed to screw up all of my smartthings as my Playstation downloaded a system update. I have my 2.4ghz wifi set to channel 1 after having issues caused by Sonos on channel 11 but my playstation 4 seems to have managed to just choose whichever channel it wanted like it would have when first added to my home wifi. I’ve deleted the network settings on my Playstation and re-added the and all my zigbee stuff has come back. Thanks for the suggestions though. Its nice to see people willing to help.

Excellent that you found the root cause, glad it’s working, and always willing to help!