Zigbee bulbs no longer working (29 Sept 23)

I have two types of zigbee bulbs (Samsung and sengled) and both brands stopped working yesterday. All were using the stock smartthings driver (zigbee switch I believe) but I’ve even tried other drivers with no luck. I reset the sengled but have not been able to get them repaired. I also tried unplugging my hub v3 for 45 min to see if it would rebuild the zigbee network but that didn’t help. Anyone else having issues? Just weird all 4 bulbs stopped working at the exact same time.

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Do you have other zigbee devices and are they working? can you provide the model of the hub (label on bottom of hub)… you said V3 but just wanted to confirm.

Will have to check hub tomorrow. It’s the aeotec hub if that helps. Yes I have several other zigbee devices and all are working fine. That’s what is so odd.