Hi All,

Not sure if it’s just me or if others are suffering with the same issue, but since yesterday (7th Aug) all my Zigbee plugs and bulbs stopped working.

Some time after 17:30 - when I last controlled a plug and 20:45 - when an automation should have switched on a couple of bulbs.

All the Zigbee plugs are from Ajax Online zignito range and the bulbs are a combination of zignito and INNR.

They have all been working perfectly before then.

Not sure what they were before but the driver for the plugs and bulbs say Zigbee switch - smartthings driver for Zigbee switch devices.

There are no other driver options to switch to.

I tried removing a plug and bulb and repairing but that didn’t resolve, when I click on these it says ‘this device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet’

They are just not controllable via the app or through automation.

If anyone know how to resolve, I would really appreciate it.


ST has been migrating devices from the legacy Groovy based DTHs to the Lua based Edge Drivers. Your devices probably aren’t included in the stock driver from ST. I would suggest installing the Zigbee Switch driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo and see if you can change your device(s) to that driver. If not, you should post in the author’s topic for that driver with the manufacturer and model info so that he might add it to the fingerprints for the driver. You can find his channel invitation here where you can enroll your hub and install the driver.

A change is working its way through the system that should mitigate that issue in stock drivers but it’ll probably take one more week to hit the default drivers and even then only affect new installations. It should really go away in time as the devices are used, but only if the driver handles your device adequately.

More generally your issues might be caused by your devices pairing as generic devices but requiring more specific handling. Do you know if you did anything special to pair them originally, such as installing custom handlers? Roughly speaking, if you had to fiddle with the IDE to get them to work, you may need to do some different fiddling.

Thank you both for your quick responses.

I didn’t need to do any fiddling when initially installing them.

The zignito plugs and bulbs just need putting in pairing mode then use the app to scan for new devices and they just worked.

The INNR bulbs have a QR code which I just scanned and the app paired, they then just worked.

On suggestion, I have managed to get all the zignito plugs as well as the INNR E27 bulbs to work again using….

Plugs - Mariano’s Zigbee Switch Power Mc

E27s - Mariano’s Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

Not managed to get the zignito GU10s and INNR E14s to work, I’ll check if Mariano can add these.


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The devices that weren’t working, just randomly started working again and they are using the ST Zigbee Switch driver.
The rest of the devices that had originally stopped working are also now working with this driver.

Just happy that the wife has been away during these testing times!

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