Smartthings WiFi ver firmware 000.043.00005 Zigbee not working

After update have had issues with all my Smartthings Samsung multipurpose sensors are not reporting correctly, some only show temp, others only vibration, none are reporting open close. I have removed and tried to re-join and sensor will not join Hub. I have only one Samsung Motion that is working and two I have reset and can not add to hub. Very frustrating! Zigbee not working and most devices are now offline. After the update is zigbee no longer functioning?

Also, all of my smart bulbs will not work Cree connect, GE, OSRAM. I have successfully reset bulbs to the point I get the rapid 3 flashes. It is just not allowing me to add to the HUb no matter what I do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have apprx. 20 devices and bulbs that are now not working after this past update to Smartthings WiFi ver firmware 000.043.00005