Zigbee and Operational PAN ID

Zigbee communications have a common PAN ID.
It is stable and it doesn’t change.

There is also an operational PAN ID, that is 16 bit and that may change.

Today i waked up and realized my osram bulbs didn’t work anymore! After analyzing the zigbee network (using xctu and a xbee node) I realized that the operational ID of my network changed and my bulbs where on the old one :frowning:

I had to reset and rejoin again each bulb to the network to be able to have them work.

Someone has some idea about:

  • why the smartthing coordinater changed the network operational PAD ID
  • why the bulbs didn’t joined to the new network (I turned off them and/or the hub in the past and never happened this)
  • howto avoid this to happen again
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The only reason I can think of that would cause this is if a 16-bit PAN ID conflict was detected. This is unlikely if the 16-bit PAN IDs are generated at random but it’s possible. Are there any other ZigBee networks in the area that you’re aware of?

If this is what happened then the coordinator should have sent out a Network Update message to notify the network of the impending PAN ID change. It’s possible that the OSRAM bulbs just missed this message.

I’m curious, how did you figure out the OSRAM bulbs were still on the old PAN ID? Which specific model are they?


Well, to say the truth I’m not **sure ** that they were still with the old PAN ID, but using xctu I realized that the PAN ID changed from the day before so I suppose that the problem is that the bulbs didn’t switched panID. Maybe my supposition is wrong, but it’s the only reasonable explanation I could immagine.

No, I’m not aware of other zigbee networks :confused: Maybe some interference with Wifi?
Smarthings is on ZB channel 13 and my wifi on channel 6, so they could have small interferences (based on this https://support.metageek.com/hc/en-us/articles/203845040-ZigBee-and-Wi-Fi-Coexistence)

The devices are:

That’s a good thought, but interference wouldn’t directly cause the PAN ID to change. If the hub supported frequency agility (it currently doesn’t) then the channel could change to avoid noise and this might cause the PAN ID to change too. I don’t recall the details of how it works.

I’m just not sure what could cause this besides leaving and reforming the network or a PAN ID conflict. If your network got reformed somehow you would know because you would have to reset and join all your devices again.

Has anyone else here noticed their 16-bit PAN ID change?

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