Can't re-pair osram lights

I have 5 osram light products in my system. 4 of the lights are no longer controllable and show as offline. I have reset two of them (an A19 bulb and a lightify flex strip). I’ve attempted to pair them, but the smartthings hub never finds them.

The only osram lightify zigbee device that’s working is my kitchen cabinet flex lights.

I have also powered off the hub/removed batteries for 15 minutes. None of the reset bulbs are found.

I had another osram a19 bulb that I had never paired before, and was just able to add it. however, it only gets added as a “placeholder”, then I need the zigbee id and device Network IDs to change it to a zigbee RGBW. I haven’t been able to find those anywhere yet.

I’ve been having a few issues with two of the lights becoming unresponsive over the last two months, but this is the first time they didn’t recover.


So on one of the previous paired bulbs that I reset, if I do a generic scan with that one, it will pair and is controllable. However, in the IDE it’s listed as a “placeholder” as well. In the app, I can pretty much do everything as before. Still can’t see any of the zigbee info, nor the device network id

The RGBW flex light is never found, however. I’m pretty sure it’s been reset properly as it cycles through each color before setting back on white. So i’m not sure what to do there. And I still have the same model of strip lights being used in a different location without an issue.

Placeholder means the device is now using an Edge driver. The network ID and zigbee data are not displayed for Edge drivers as IDE is only for the legacy architecture of the platform.

thanks for the info. I should assume that it’s no longer able to add these lights back via the older device method?

I guess I need to figure out why the strip light isn’t found now.

Use Mariano’s driver. It has support for flex strips for a long time