Can the network ID of a device change?

I’ve been assuming that the network identifier is stable and unique so I can write it on a device and know which is which but I just found the ID on a Zigbee bulb changed from “C238” to “AF08”. What gives? And how do identify devices given that the name may change because it’s used to describe the purpose of the device for humans (at least those with the shaky hands need to read the names)

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Hmm… that’s interesting. I would have assumed that Zigbee IDs are consistent as well. Maybe shoot an email to support and ask them about it.

I know I have about 8 z-wave plug-in modules. Rather than Network ID I’ve written a Letter on the back of 'em and put that letter in the name of the device so I can remember what the devices is when I move it around.

For example, right now one of my devices is named “(G) Xmas Tree.” Later I might move it to be “(G) Daughters Radio” or something like that.

Only Zigbee devics have ZIDs and they are too long to write. Using the ST NID seemed like a better solution so I didn’t have to overload the label with too many functions as I use it it to identify devices for other linkages.

Hi! Im having this same issue with a magic cube from Xiaomi, it keeps changing the device id so I have to re-pair it, but it will only work for a couple of hours. Any idea how to prevent this?

This has been reported with some zigbee lightbulbs of particular brands.

It appears that the device drops off the network and then rejoins and gets assigned a different ID. It’s really weird, and I’m not quite sure why it happens, but it does seem to happen with some devices.