ZigBee 3-Way switch install

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I’m new to the ZigBee stuff and I’ve looked on the forums for an answer for my exact scenario already. I’ve wired a couple dimmers already without much trouble however I’ve moved to the 3-ways now and I’m at a stopping point. As shown below, my wiring for one of my 3-way switches in the hall matches # 5

How do I need to reconfigure this to make it work with the ZigBee 48586GE and one of the Add-On switches?

You won’t be able to use the GE switches due to lack of neutral wire at the switch boxes. You will need to run a neutral wire from the fixture box to you switch box or find another option. There are a couple for z-wave but I don’t know of any in wall micro relays for zigbee.
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Get a micro dimmer that installs inside the electrical box, and install it in the box with the fixture where power and neutral enter the circuit. Most also have a switched leg, so you can just connect your existing 3-way switch wiring.

I haven’t seen any in wall zigbee home automation micros, although there may be some. There are several brands for Z wave, including Aeotec, Fibaro and qubino.

However, there are some regular size zigbee relays that work very well. Again, they need to be using the zigbee home automation profile not just Zigbee.

SmartenIT makes a couple of different ones that a number of community members have used with SmartThings:


There’s some cheap Chinese stuff but it’s not UL or CE certified, and personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it.

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Another alternative is to use a battery operated switch for the auxiliary switch. The auxiliary then talk to the hub which passes the message over to the master, creating a virtual three-way. There are a couple of zigbee options for that on the buttons list, notably the SmartenIT 3 toggle and the Osram lightify smart dimmer switch.

The battery operated devices won’t act as repeaters, though, if that’s another feature you were looking for.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I’m in the US and my house was built in 1992 so something doesn’t seem right.

I may pull the switch plates off and snap some pics of the current wiring tomorrow.