Zigbee 3-way switch (EU)?

I’m looking to replace my standard 3-way switch by zigbee one
Yes, only Zigbee please as :
i already use some Zigbee product and want to avoid using different protocol
And i don’t wan’t bluethooth (lack of distance) , wifi (use more power and i’m pretty sure with lot of wifi product connected will be a disaster and for security reason , z-wave (stuck due to frequency issue) or other RF communication (like Lutron) or via they own cloud api and Co …)

I have look on several post, like

But i have found very little 3-way switch (2 switch control one light)

As I’m living in Europe, GE Switch are not a option for me (we use 240VAC not 120VAC)
I’m not sure about Leviton switch (don’t find a diagram of the electrical schema and not sure to understand the ‘Only one switch will be wired to load (master switch). Remaining switches will cap off blue wire’

Do you known other 3-way Zigbee switch product ?

Or i can use other production ?

and/or make some workaround ?

  • like changing my 3-way cabling and use 2 standard Zigbee switch and use a scene ?

Thanks in advance

Leviton and GE are only made for the US.

Check the official compatibility list for the UK. There is at least one zigbee switch there, Aurora One.

Otherwise look for switches which use zigbee HA 1.2. Schneider and Sunricher both have some for the EU. They make both zwave and zigbee models, so check the product descriptions carefully. However, they may require custom code to work with SmartThings.

You can also check the zigbee alliance site. Again, Devices May require custom code. Many ZHA 1.2 Devices can be made to work, and some Zigbee 3.0, although those will work best with the newest SmartThings hub.

Quite a few community members have used the Orvibo relay in the past. :sunglasses:

It appears to work fine as a regular on/off switch, but not as a momentary.

Orvibo Zigbee Relay RL804QZB

There are many Zigbee switches available and fair number that would work in the EU, however the ability to support a 3-way circuit like a staircase scenario is rarer.

Some smart switch solutions would require a wired switch at one position and a wireless switch at the other position. Some Lutron products work this way.

I believe AOne dimmers which are Zigbee might work the way you want and are available in the EU they are officially listed as Smartthings compatible as well. See - https://aone.auroralighting.com/ProductDetails/AU-A1ZB2WDM1P

The AOne products are dimmers, this means they don’t need a second neutral wire so will work with just two wires but means to turn a light off they actually dim it to nearly zero. (Dim enough so you think they are off but some LEDs might flicker.) They have a switch to configure one as the master and the other(s) as slaves specifically for 3-way circuits.

A representative of AOne participates in these forums.

I do regard AOne products as some of the best for the UK but considering the lack of choices that does not say a lot. :wink: There are some issues that are putting me off them however but they are certainly high up my list of possible choices.

I am still currently contemplating using Insteon which uses the ancient X10 standard. In terms of products they have all the choices I want although I would have to use momentary wired wall switches with micro modules as their smart wired smart switches are not available in the EU. They have however recently announced they will be launching a new bridge which will be a huge improvement over the current one with Alexa, Google and HomeKit support. Unlike AOne, Insteon can also support pullcord switches as required in UK bathrooms.

Thanks for the feedback,

for a long search, yes the Aurora product is the only (yet ? ) 3-way switch compatible for EU country (220VAC)
( it’s personal but i dislike their appearance/look )

A another option found, it’s not replacing the switch but adding Power Switch , the only found with 3-way zigbee :

( it’s personal but i dislike their appearance/look )

Hmm. I actually found AOne to be one of the less visually offensive solutions available. As a comparison I find LightWave RF :face_vomiting: to be aesthetically challenged.

AOne’s dimmer literally looks exactly like a standard dimmer of its type i.e. a standard dumb dimmer. Indeed you can even take their module and fit it to a compatible dumb faceplate which might be polished metal or other style. This also makes it possible to do 3 and 4-gang setups of AOne modules, AOne do not do such faceplates themselves but if you fit their modules to a standard (dimmer) faceplate then you can do this.

I think we would all prefer something that looks more like the numerous smart switches available in the US - some of which even have either OLED screens built-in or multiple LEDs representing a brightness level. Unfortunately none of them are available for Europe. :sob:

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