GE 45856 ZigBee Wireing?

I have this switch and went to install it. The wiring in my house (built 2007) does not resemble what the instructions say, nor from any posts I’ve read on line. Wondering if this switch is even going to work?

The left hand switch has 2 black wires and controls to porch light (the one I want to control). The middle switch and left switch have black / white / and red wires with the white and red wires in different positions on of the switches. These two switches are three way switches.

In the electrical box itself, there are 5 sets of wires that go upwards. For the switch I’m wanting to replace, there is a black and a white. The white is connected with the 2 far left wire pairs and connected together. The whites for the 3 way switches are not bundled with the rest of the white wires in the box.

I’m not sure the white is the common wire I need to connect the switch to or not. Thoughts or suggestions?

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So, generally, the white is your neutral wire. GE switches usually come with a small piece of wire to pig tail onto your other neutrals.

Black should be your line/load. The reds on the 3-way are the travelers, required for multi-switch functionality.

Thanks, pictures uploaded

So in the picture, the 3 white wires with the blue Maurette would be where I pigtail into for the switch?


Thank you very much!!!

Just want to double check you want to control the one on the RIGHT hand of the picture. This is the only straightforward switch in here and the line (hot) is the black one coming from the pigtail. The other black one is the load. Neutral is the white pigtailed in the back left of the box. I recommend using electrical tape and labeling each wire, that way you don’t get confused in case you are holding a wire and accidentally let it go, and makes it easier in case of repairs.

If you ever want to change the 3-way switches, you’ll have to ask again for someone with more experience or hire an electrician, since it looks your switches are using the neutral wires for some reason. But hey, I’m not a licensed electrician.

You should have another switch that controls the porch light somewhere else since it is a 3-way switch right? You will need the aux add on as well on that switch so your lighting works correctly in case someone flicks the other dumb 3-way switch…

I think he wants to control the far left one. The whites (and reds), connected to the switches, are not neutrals but are travelers for the 3 way switches to work in conjunction with one another. Still easy enough. I am willing to bet my left “@#T” that every box in his house has a neutral wire.

I was assuming the one on the right as well. :frowning: I should’ve re-read after he managed to upload the pictures.

Confused me as well. He described two different left hand switches and two different ones he wanted to control… I figured it had to be the one on the far left as the one on the right should be self explanatory.

Yes, the only switch I’m trying to replace is the one on the right of the picture and has only 2 black wires to it. The other two switches which have the red/black and white wires to them are 3 way light switches and not the ones I’m going to change out.

My error is describing, sorry. The right hand switche has only 2 black wires. The two switches on the left of the picture are 3 way switches and not the ones I want to replace.

far right hand switch.

Very good. That’s what I thought you meant. :slight_smile:

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Oh. Yeah, just pig tail off the white bundle in the box (blue wire nut) to the neutral on smartswitch. Line to Line and Load to Load. Put back in wall and pair.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again for the assistance.

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Looks like I’ll have an electrician come in. Did what this post suggested, and not luck. Even without using ZigBee, the switch does not turn on the light manually. Thinking a dead switch :frowning:

Bummer. Typically, the line (source) is connected to the bottom of a regular single pole switch. The top typically goes to the load (fixture). However, sometimes they are flipped as it really doesn’t matter for a dumb switch. Did you check with a voltage meter which one was the line?

This one is really straight forward. I am not sure about the ZigBee but the Z-Wave models will work just like a switch, even before you pair them with ST or if the internet is down or whatever.

Good luck and I hope the electrician doesn’t try to rob you. Might be cheaper just going to the local Home Depot or similar and buying a cheap digital voltage meter if you don’t already have one. At least you will know for certain if it is the switch or just the wrong line wire…

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