How to wire in GE Z Wave 3 Way with this wiring?


I have a 3-way switch that I believe is wired similar to the diagram I attached. The second switch in the 3 way pair only has one 14-3 wire and they are all connected to the switch.

What do I use for a neutral on the add-on switch?

How I believe my 3 way is wired. I also have 2 lights in this situation.


See line-switch-load-load-switch

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Agree with @jhamstead for GE switches but want to add that Zooz makes a switch that doesn’t require aux switches for 3way installs. It just requires that you install the smart switch in the box with line and load but you leave your additional switch as is. This might be a better alternative for you since you won’t need to change any wiring at fixtures or additional switch.


Inovelli makes one similar to the Zooz but for the same price also does dimming. And @Eric_Inovelli is a frequent poster on the forum and committed to SmartThings. So, if you ever have issues, he’s right here.