ZEN 16 Triggers at the same time daily

I’ve got two ZOOZ 16 set of relays/inputs connected to reed switches (I minimize battery powered devices) that I used to detect window open/closed status. These had been working fine until 6/29 when they started going off at 7:42 AM each morning. I can manually turn them on and then they appear to work fine for 24 hours. I’ve not updated to Edge yet. Sunrise is about an hour or so early, so it’s not sunrise. I’ve got nothing scheduled at this time. Any ideas?

Have you tried looking through History under Menu? No Routines or Smart lighting rule set for 7:42 am? Looked at Timers that may be set for the device? Rules API? Do you use other system where you shared devices such as Alexa or Google Home? Is Hunches enabled in Alexa which could create Routines there?

Easy way to resolve might be to remove/exclude it and start over which should clear it from anything that is causing it. Time for Edge.

My guess is they got automatically migrated to Edge and the default driver was glitchy. It sounds like the behavior of my WaterCop valve status - I have it on a manual timer that resets it every morning, so every morning it shows up with the correct “open” status and at around the same time every day it switches to displaying “closed” even though the valve doesn’t physically actuate.

Before you remove it you can check the three-dot menu and see whether it lists a driver (give it a few seconds after you select the device before you open the menu). If it’s on Edge already, I’d try to switch to the driver from the official Zooz channel rather than anything built-in; that may solve the issue without going to the trouble of re-pairing it.

Yes. I’ve got 4 days of it firing at 7:42 AM. and that is the start of the history, which make no sense, as this has been enabled for a long time. As far as I know, nothing fires at 7:42 am. I use google, but I I don’t program much with it. It appears that I can apply the new driver (without remove/reinclude) through the advanced interface- I’d just wanted to check other options first.

its still on DTH, but it looks like my next option is to use the edge driver.

You can’t.

My bad, I did switch this to the Zooz Switch- and yes I did it within the advanced samsung interface.