Zooz ZEN16 Relay - Relay Cycle

I’m using the ZEN16 Relay for my fireplace and fireplace fan. It used to work great but now if I turn either on in the Smartthings app, it will turn it on, and the app shows it’s on for a few seconds and then the app shows that’s it’s off when it’s still on. Then to turn the fan or fireplace off, I first have to turn it back on from the app, and then turn it off for it to actually turn the fireplace or fan off.

Any thoughts on this and how to fix it?

Are you using the zooz edge driver?

Yes, I am using the zooz edge driver. I’ve also tried to remove the relay and re-add it and it still has the same issue.

What firmware version is shown on the device details screen?

What Profile Name is shown at the bottom of the settings screen?

Do you have the “Create Separate Devices for Relays” setting enabled?