Zebra Blinds 2-Button Remote Battery Drain

I have three Zebra Blinds Z-Wave shade. Each has a 2-button remote that eats through batteries within 3 months or so. The current driver is “Z-Wave Button”.

Is there a better, perhaps Edge driver available that would be better?

How far is it to the SmartThings/Aeotec hub? It might just be that your remotes are right on the edge of range and so they have to keep sending multiple messages to try to get through. That can turn a one year battery into a three month battery pretty quickly. :low_battery:

Typically the handheld remotes for window coverings are pretty low power, so this is a fairly common issue across brands. It’s one reason that IKEA created their own special plug-in repeater just for their window shades, although that one is Zigbee and won’t work with your Z wave devices. I’m just using that as an example of The general device class where the problem comes up.

20 feet for two and the third is about 30 feet. The blinds have been great, just gets a bit tiresome feeding batteries to the remotes!

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