Incorrect battery level reported with edge drivers

My Danalock (zwave) and IKEA blinds (ZigBee) recently got converted to edge drivers on my system. All these devices 5 in total are now reporting wrong battery level. Fully charged blinds report 50% battery, and Danalock reports new batteries at 1% - Are these drivers not even tested before they are rolled out?

I have found the same (50% with new batteries) with several Ikea battery devices including blinds and buttons.
I suppose I should have reached out to the developers but was just relieved to have working Edge drivers.
Battery life on my Ikea buttons/dimmers is terrible; but I belive this is down to an underlying Zigbee issue rather than an Edge driver problem.

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Do you have repeaters between your button location(s) and your hub?

I’m currently at 14 months on some ikea on/off dimmer buttons.

I don’t use explicit repeaters (I got two with my blinds but don’t use them because of the blind’s close proximity to the hub (v2)).
Of course a Zigbee network is a mesh so there will likely be some implicit repeating. I just cannot examine it anymore with the demise of the old IDE.
My Ikea dimmer batteries (even using premium brands) rarely last for 6 weeks. My Ikea shortcut (bought for pre-Edge local operation) last even less.
We mostly use Amazon Alexa with the SmartThings app as a backup.

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I’ve found the same issue with an Aeotec Z-wave device. Since it was migrated to edge the battery level has been in free fall according to the app. It’s now sitting at 1% but still working. Unfortunately it’s not easy to get to so I can’t test it. Just waiting to see if it dies or not. I’ve just bought some more batteries so it probably won’t

I’m dealing with the same issue with my zigbee window smart shades for smartwings on my Aeotec hub. 100% now is equal to 50%. Previous drivers never caused this issue, so Im guessing the updated edge driver is causing this problem. If anyone has a resolution, please let me know.