ZCOMBO - Turn off outlet and furnace

I recently set up the First Alert Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm (ZCOMBO). Is there an easy way to have it turn off my furnace (via Ecobee) and turn off an outlet if carbon monoxide is detected? I’m only seeing an option to turn on lights/alarm/unlock doors.

SmartRules can handle a rule like that for you in a very intuitive manner. It’s an IOS app and free to create your first rule. @obycode


Webcore could also handle a rule like this although I understand there is a learning curve to overcome.

Thanks for the info.

I ran across the SmartRules app when I was searching, but I’m worried that it would add another point of failure. If the SmartRules servers were down would the rules still run?

I would think an outlet is the same as a light so you should be able to select it under light. You can use a simulated switch to turn off your thermostats.

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I’m not really qualified to answer that question. You might submit it on their website. They have always been very responsive to me.


Ecobee integration is all through the API so it is all through the cloud. The ecobee control in ST is not through your local network. If the servers were down or your lost your internet connection, no it would not work. What you’re talking about is something like this:

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SmartRules is an interface that allows you to create rules on your iOS device, but the rules run within a native SmartApp, so there are no third-party servers that you need to worry about for reliability or security. We never see any of your data. The communication is directly between your phone and the SmartThings cloud.