CO alarm turns thermostat off

I have a First Alert ZCOMBO smoke/co detector and recently purchased a Honeywell 9000 series smart thermostat (FYI - Amazon has these for $150 and if you’re an Ameren customer, you get a $100 rebate until May 31, 2017 if you upgrade to a smart thermostat). Both are working perfectly with ST. Is there a way to turn off the thermostat if the detector goes into alarm? The fan on the furnace will probably continue to run while the firebox cools down, but at least it shouldn’t be putting out more CO.

CoRE (smart-app ST logic system) will probably allow that. If you can’t directly turn-off the Tstat, then you can probably set the setpoint so that the Tstat will automatically cycle off.

IMO more important to notify you, so you can examine the situation and take direct action.

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Thanks, Eric. My 92 old mother lives with us and she doesn’t get around very well, so I wanted this interlock to maybe give her a little more time if the furnace starts spewing CO when I’m not home. I set everything up with CoRE and it works great! I had never used that smart app before. A whole new world has opened up now. Thanks again.

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