Nest Protect With Ecobee Possible? or what options?

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Is it possible to have Nest Protect communicate with Ecobee ? or Which smoke/co is recommended with Ecobee.



What are you trying to accomplish with this communication?


You could probably use Core to setup a condition if smoke/CO is detected to set the state of the HAVC system to off.

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Hey @PhilB

i’m trying to accomplish what @raidflex wrote. In my experience the protect seems to be the best choice so far for smoke/co (correct me if Im wrong) and what I would like to do is just that, turn off if it smells something funny.

Thank you both for the quick reply.

(Jimmy) #5

yes. use the community device handlers for each and then something like CoRE for the rule.

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Well those things I dont know what they are at the moment but will know with time when I get the hub and the rest of the equipment and start tinkering.

Thank you


I’m sure that CORE can most likely handle a rule as suggested above. As always with SmartThings there is more than one alternative. There is an IOS program called SmartRules that can also handle such a rule. SmartRules is free to create one rule and it’s available in the App Store. I use First Alert ZCOMBO detectors and have rules to tell the Ecobee3 to turn off in the event of smoke or CO. It also turns off the cealing fans and turns all the interior lights on.

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I have this combination (ecobee3 thermostat and nest wired smoke/CO. I have a rule set up in core to turn off the fan if either of those conditions is detected. I am using @yvesracine 's ecobee device handler and @tonesto7 's Nest Manager, so all those items are exposed and usable by CoRE.

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Any particular reason why you went with this insterad of a nest product? or is it just marketing?

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Thanks for chiming in, I noticed that Yves has several options that you can choose from, is there a “Essential” one that he offers for things such as this or basically you pick as you go?

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If you aren’t already invested in the Nest ecosystem, the Halo smoke/CO detectors integrate directly with SmartThings.


There are always pros and cons with any HA choice you make. Bottom line on ZCOMBO was price. It’s much less expensive than the Nest.

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I don’t use all the ancillary apps, mainly the thermostat device handler and smart app, the sensors app, and the routine/mode controller (ties the home/away to smartthings mode). IIRC, you get access to all of them with one purchase and then you can pick/choose whatever you need.

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Thanks for that! never heard of them, gonna check them out. I did find another one called Birdi ( are you familiar with this one?

Btw, I am no invested in Nest at all, just looking for the best options (researching)

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Got it. Thanks!


Good to know that, even better. Thanks!

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Easily done in Core:

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No one has offered what exactly we are talking about. Core is a community developed rules engine for SmartThings. You install it like a SmartApp in the IDE interface of SmartThings. Once you do so your world of automation will open considerably compared to the out of box functionality of the base SmartThings. A start up guide can be found in this thread:

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Thanks @616fun for that, I will definitely look into that, still kinda new on this.

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Can you also make the lights turn on at the same time is shutting the tstat off?

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