Request for more smoke alarm features in the Smart Home Monitor app

I recently bought a v2 hub and a First Alert ZCOMBO Z-wave plus enabled smoke alarm, hoping that I would be able to replicate most of the features of the Nest Protect. The smoke alarm is now connected to the hub, but I was slightly disappointed by the limited rules that can be activated by the detector from within the SHM app. Namely, I think it should be fairly straightforward to add:

  1. Turning off HVAC when the alarm is activated
  2. Closing HVAC vents in rooms
  3. Opening blinds so firefighters can see inside
  4. Turning on sprinklers outside
  5. Turning off water heater (e.g. for a Rheem connected water heater)
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I think you could do most of these within SHM since most Valve, Sprinkler blind DTH are using either switch or dimmer. If not then you could create a virtual switch for them but I understand your point and I would request this as well so we don’t have to jump through hoops for this.

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The interim solution is to have Virtual Switches for each of those activities (or a master “Smoke Alarm Panic Switch”) tied to Routines, or CoRE, or custom SmartApp(s)…

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SmartRules can make rules like you have suggested and is very intuitive to use. It’s free to create one rule. More information here:

@obycode could answer any questions you may have about it’s abilities or limitations.