Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSD-002


I’m contemplating replacing 3 hard wired 240v old style smoke detectors with more intelligent ones, ideally ones that will integrate with Smartthings as this is the platform I’m using for other devices.

I started looking at Nest Protect but they’re a bit prices and don’t seem to integrate with Smartthings.

Fibaro seem to offer a reasonably priced product. However, as with all new devices I have a few questions that hopefully owners on here might be able to answer.

First off, can this be wired into existing wiring setups? I’m sure the 3 I currently have are wired to the mains.

Does the Fibaro act as a z-wave relay at all? I read somewhere that nearly all plugged in/wired z-wave devices act as relays.

If I have more than one, can they communicate with each other I.e if the ground floor one detects smoke can it trigger the others throughout the house?

If the mains electricity goes out, will it continue to run on battery?

Is the latest variation supported by Smartthings and what can be configured?

It would be really cool if it had a motion sensor built in so lights could be controlled etc. It doesn’t offer this does it? I doubt so as Finaro offer a motion sensor of there own.

Think that’s all.


Emergency devices such as smoke sensors are the exception to “most mains powered devices work as relays.” No one wants a smoke sensor to fail to go on because it was busy relaying a message for a light switch somewhere. So you should not expect smoke sensors to act as relays.

Some models have a secondary device, such as a night light, and in that case the night light portion might act as a relay. So you should should check with the manufacturer on each model, but in general smoke sensors will not act as relays even if mains-powered.

Fibaro smoke sensors are wireless. You connect them to ST via z-wave

Wireless communication when used with SmartThings , but the power supply for the current model can be battery or mains-power.

It states that power can be provided by 12 / 24 VDC power source. Is there a way I can utilise the current home wiring to power the smoke sensor? The wiring is standard live, neutral and ground.