Z-Wave Troubleshooting Tools

I’ve been having trouble with my Z-Wave devices not reporting events properly into the system. I have one particularly problematic Jasco Dimmer that just never seems to be in sync and will get stuck in turning off/turning on state almost every time I toggle it from the iOS app.

I’ve tried re-verifying my old Z-wave controller network is completely gone; seems ok. I’ve also tried the repair Z-Wave network option in the web app (which I’ve since read I should not use on a different forum post). No real progress so far after a few weeks of intermittent banging my head against this.

What I was really hoping is to get access to some of the low level Z-Wave events/data that must be available on the hub. I’m not sure if you’re using the openzwave library or something else, but being able to understand further details like poll time for all my devices, the network map my devices are using to comunicate, etc would be very useful. I’m hoping that information would help lead me to a faulty switch, distance problem, or some other more promising direction to get this working flawlessly.

Is there any hope of getting access to data like this in some manner? I saw some posts about a telnet interface into the hub, but it appears this is now disabled for customers.

For a system that appeared to have a goal of being more open to developers/builders, I find the limited options to really dig into what is happening within my network to be a big let down.

After I resolve these current issues in my environment, I’d really love to be able to subscribe to events directly from my hub as well as send commands directly to it from my custom control systems to allow a lower-latency/closer to real time affect when I’m activating different scenes/macros which would imply having some sort of lightweight rest/queue interface running directly on the hub.



Just recently, however, my personal success rate with Z-Wave has started to improve. I presume there have been some back-end (or hub firmware push?) fixes.

Frankly, I would like to have just as much debugging for ZigBee too. I have random surplus XBee units that are probably misconfigured for the HA profile; but I don’t feel like digging into fixes if there is insufficient means of debugging.

Following this topic closely.